How Our System Works

After years of experience in the essay writing industry, we have designed a unique system for our customers. The system was created in order to provide the best and most efficient service possible to the client.

Once you have decided that you would like to purchase an essay from us, you will go through a two-step process. Briefly, the first step consists of you providing details about your essay and preferred payment method. The second step involves your actually receiving the essay. Continue reading to learn more.

Step One: Basic Information

In order to best meet your needs, we first must understand some important facts about your project. First we need to know what type of academic paper it is. Are you looking for a college essay, a dissertation, or something else? Next we need to know the subject of the paper. This information will help us match your assignment to the perfect essay writer.

Now we need some information about the logistics of your paper. How many pages do you need? Do you need a single spaced or double spaced essay? Are you required to follow a certain citation style? And perhaps most importantly, what date do you need us to deliver your paper?

Remember that our company works diligently to satisfy our customers by producing top quality academic papers. This means that we will not produce a twenty page paper in twenty four hours. When placing an order with us, be aware that it takes some time to craft lengthy papers. Be mindful of this request and given enough time we will efficiently meet your deadline.

It is essential that during this process that you provide accurate instructions about your project. We can only meet your needs if our essay writers clearly understand what you are looking for. If an essay writer needs clarification on your instructions, he or she will contact you. However, such difficulties may delay the project’s completion. Be mindful of this when completing step one.

Once you have given us the specifics of your assignment, you will be asked to provide payment information. Be aware that our essay writers will not begin work until your payment method has been verified. Complications during this step of the process may again delay your project’s completion.

Step Two: Your Finished Paper

You may receive your final paper through two different ways. You may download the document on your login page on our website, or you may choose to have the file delivered to your email. Be sure that we have accurate contact information, collected during step one, in order to notify you when the project is complete.